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The following are a list of claims which Phen375 has approved for use; these claims may have been approved by advertising regulatory bodies in the countries this brand is sold into.

Phen375 Claims for UK/EU Consumers:

• Phen375 EU contains 900mg of natural ingredients

• Shipped from the USA

• Phen375 EU based upon the incredibly popular Phen375 US

• Cellulite reduction instructions

• Phen375 EU is a Food supplement with diet program

• Uniquely blended formula

• All natural ingredients

• Water consumption recommendations

• Break bad eating habit advice

Phen375 is based on carful research

• Produced in an FDA Pharmaceutical Registered Lab

• Quality Guarantee

• Manufacture Guarantee

• Low price guarantee

Phen375 in the EU / UK Includes:

• Food Supplement (Phen375 EU)

• Extensive Diet Plans offered

• Subliminal weight loss recording available

• Weight training videos for men and women

• Proper use videos

Phen375 Claims for USA Consumers:

• All claims backed up by wikipedia.org or mayoclinic.com

• Weight loss dietary supplement

• Manufactured in the USA – FDA registered facility

• Shipped from the USA

• Each tablet contains 800mg of ingredients

• Best results from 2 tables per day

• Currently no medical weight loss prescription required

• Best results when used with appropriate diet plan

• Phen375 Quality Guarantee

• Phen375 Manufacture Guarantee

• Phen375 Low price guarantee

• Stimulates metabolism

• Reduce physical fatigue

• Increase energy levels

• Restore mental alertness

• Pharmaceutical grade synthesised ingredients

• Thermogenic ingredients increase body temp

• Used to help physical work out performance

• Improves glucose disposal

• Enhancing muscle building capacity

• Calorie burning

• Appetite Suppression

• Reduces bloating diuretic

• Increases water loss

Phen375 for the USA Includes

• Phen375 US Formulation

• Extensive Diet Plans offered

• Subliminal weight loss recording available

• Weight training videos for men and women

• Proper use videos


If you see claims which are NOT found here, you may be dealing with a unethical marketer.

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